Anal Sex Toys

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Showing 1–18 of 93 results

Anal sex toys are growing increasingly popular, but let’s face it, they aren’t necessarily the type of thing you’d feel comfortable buying in your local sex shop! That’s why purchasing your anal toys online with us at Sex Toys NZ is the perfect way to shop.

Shopping online with us is easy, and entirely confidential; you need never even speak to anyone (although we do have a great team of Customer Service Agents on hand if you would like one-to-one advice). Simply browse our online store by clicking on the category links or entering the name of the item you are interested in in the search bar. You’ll soon get access to a huge range of products, including, of course, anal sex toys such as anal vibrators, male prostate massagers, and douches and enemas.

And the advantages of shopping online with us don’t just end there. When we process your order we make sure that we pack your item discreetly; we make no reference to the name of our store, or to the contents of your parcel on the outside of the package. In addition, to give you even more peace of mind, we do not state the name of our store on your credit, or debit card statement.

If you have never used anal sex toys before then you might be wondering how they work, whether they are safe to use, and who can benefit from them. Well, basically anal toys provide stimulation to the anal area, and can be used by both men and women, either alone, or together. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are perfect for adding a little variety to your sex play. If you are completely new to the world of anal toys then a good place to start could be one of our starter kits. These kits include a number of toys that allow you to gradually move through a range of different sizes and textures, building up your confidence as you go.

You will probably be pleased to hear that vibrators aren’t the only toys that give you an electrifying sensation in your most intimate areas. We stock a range of anal vibrators, many of which are fully rechargeable via a simple USB cable, and can even be operated via remote control. If you are a woman, you might also be interested to hear that some of our vibrating anal toys also provide stimulation to the clitoris at the same time, providing you with double the pleasure.

If you’re a man who is hungry for more then why not take a look at our prostate massagers. These massagers bend to fit the contours of your body, and have a rounded nub at the base which provides external pressure to the perineum. Prostate massagers can have a significant impact on the strength of your orgasm, and are also available with added vibration. As with any anal sex toys, it is important that you apply plenty of lubricant during use, and to go slowly at first.

You might have concerns about hygiene when considering purchasing an anal toy. Don’t worry as we have this covered. We stock a comprehensive range of anal douches and enemas that ensure maximum cleanliness both before and after using your anal toy. All our anal douches and enemas are manufactured by the biggest brand names in the industry so you can be sure that they are effective, and completely safe to use. Simply add one to your cart before you check out.